Our Approach to Roasting

While coffee roasting can seem mysterious and intimidating to many, one of our goals here at Curio Coffee Roasters is to be as transparent as possible with our approach to coffee sourcing, roasting, and ultimately how we serve YOU. We’re all about making things simple, so here is a list of our ideals when it comes to roasting coffee:

  1. You’re only as good as your ingredients: You can probably talk to anyone and they will tell you the same thing. If you want to produce good coffee, you need to start with quality coffee that is graded as specialty. This begins by working with a coffee importer that we trust and has the ability to send us samples.
  2. Taste Everything: In order to be an experienced roaster, you need to be pretty familiar on what your coffee tastes like. For us, we cup our coffees once a week to make sure everything is tasting consistent and look for any changes over time.
  3. You are not your only customer: We make sure that we are not the only ones tasting our coffees. It is very easy to settle into a roasting style YOU like, but it may not appeal to EVERYONE else. This involves getting feedback from family, friends, and other coffee professionals to find that common ground of flavor that is appealing to you and the majority.

We are aware that roasting involves much more than this, but honestly all that technical stuff is kind of boring to read about (we are more than happy to chat about it one-on-one though.). As Curio Coffee Roasters, we want you to understand our roasting approach so that when you drink our coffee you know that we have you in mind and that this could not be possible without your support.