Our D & A

Coffee Guy: David Morris has many years cultivating coffee for people and is ready to brew up curiosity for people to explore.  His coffee loving passion is easy to see through his vast knowledge of it and eagerness to continue to grow. It is a fast pace industry and David has a smooth way of slowing it down for everyone to understand.  The latest and greatest coffee technology probably excites him the most outside of spending time with his family.

 David Morris Curio Coffe Roasters Nashville Franklin

Coffee Lover: Alex Wigton comes to the coffee world as a late bloomer.  After being in a corporate career for a decade, he decided to pursue his passion and turn from being a homeroaster to a business owner.  He pretty much finds everything awesome in life and his hobbies include but not limited to: coffee, running, triathlons, flying a drone, woodworking, and attempting epic videos.

 Alex Wigton Curio Coffee Roasters Nashville Franklin

David & Alex met one sunny afternoon as Alex was in the process of launching his own business and seeking advice.  David had his own roasting business and is always eager to meet other coffee professionals. After meeting over tacos and beers, they knew it was fate and together they would be able to create something magical in the coffee world.  David & Alex love a good romance and want to empower you to fall in love or rediscover your love for coffee by becoming comfortable and understanding the coffee process. They don’t consider themselves “coffee snobs” or “aficionados” but rather two guys who enjoy making good coffee approachable and sharing it with others.

        Owners of Curio Coffee Roasters Nashville Franklin in Schneider Electric